Glossary of Terms

Low-E Glass

Stands for low-emissivity, Low-E glass a clear glass with a metal-oxide coating which helps to reduce the transfer of radiant heat.


Is a double layer of coat on the glass. Is's also called as softcoat Low-E.

Argon Gas

Inexpensive, nontoxic, clear gas that reduces sound transmissions and offers insulating properties much higher than just an air.


Krypton gas has better thermal performance, but is more expensive to produce.

Aluminum Capping

Aluminum capping is an alternative to replacing windows. It is often used by homeowners who want to keep the look of real wood window frames on the inside, but want to reduce the maintenance of wood frames on the outside. Homeowners use this option when wooden frames chip or deteriorate on the exterior of the home. All rotten wood can be replaced during the installation. The aluminum capping is pre-painted by the manufacturer, and you can choose a color that matches the exterior color scheme of your home.

Garage Door Capping

Insert Window Installation

Also known as a Retrofit Installation. A window is installed into the existing frame. The window is installed without disturbing the interior trim of your home and has aluminum capping on the outside to cover an old wood frame.

Full Frame Installation

Also known as a Brick to Brick installation. Full frame replacement windows are appropriate when the entire window needs replacement—for example, when it has a rotten wood frame, bad insulation or you just want to enlarge your window size.


Replacement of glass in a window or door sash.

Double/Dual Glazed

Windows have two layers of glass separated with a spacer. It is the minimum standard allowed by the National Building Code of Canada. Double glazed units are designed to retain heat inside during winter and reduce heat gain during summer therefore making your home a more comfortable living environment.

Triple Glazed

Windows that have three layers of glass, and two layers of Low-E film suspended between them. The additional layer and air space give triple glazing better insulation value than that provided by dual glazing. Triple Glazed windows can help reduce sound transmission. The best solution for a people who lives near highways and trains.


Windows come either fixed or operable. Operable windows have a sash, which is a unit assembly of stiles and rails for holding the glass that moves when the window opens.


Decorative inserts for window or door glazing that add a traditional touch. Grilles are permanently sealed between the panes of insulating glass.


The interior sides of the window frame. Alpha Windows & Doors provides two types of jambs: Wood (Pine/Oak) or Vinyl


The layers of glazing in an insulating unit must be held apart at the appropriate distance by spacers. A high performance or warm edge spacer can increase the energy efficiency of a window. Spacers incorporate a desiccant that absorbs moisture from the trapped air in the space between the glass preventing fogging and condensation.


The interior moldings that surround the window and cover the frame. Available in Full Frame Installation.

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