Design Options

Casement Window

Casement Windows swing outward by using a crank roto-gear at the bottom of the frame. They provide good ventilation and are fairly easy to clean.
Casements can open out left or right. Includes a screen that covers the full glass area.

Awning Window

Awning Window hinges at the top and tilts outward at the bottom using handles similar to Casement Windows. What differentiates Awning Windows from other windows, is that they allow for ventilation, even in inclement weather.

Double & Single Hung Windows

A Double Hung window has two sashes, a top and bottom sash, which move up and down to operate and pivot towards the interior for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The operating sashes offer a wide range of ventilation combinations for controlled air circulation. A single-hung window is similar but only the lower sash opens.

Double Tilt Slider

A sliding window offers an energy efficient option to the traditional casement and awning windows products for your home. A Double Tilt Slider has two sashes that move sideways. Includes a screen that covers the full glass area. Both sashes tilt into the room for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Single TIlt Slider

A Single TIlt Slider consists of a single stationary sash and another sash which moves side to side and can tilt into the room for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Includes a screen that covers half of the window.

Fixed Window

Fixed vinyl windows provide beautiful views when ventilation is not a concern. Large feature windows optimize available light and can be combined with operating windows and patio doors.

Bay Window

Bay Windows typically consist of a large window between two double hung or casement windows joined together to form one large viewing area. These are a decorative type of window that projects outward from the wall. It’s common to see a bay window with a padded seating area underneath the windows to provide a comfortable place to enjoy views, otherwise known as a sit-down bay.

Custom Shaped Windows

Custom Shaped windows are specialty windows consisting of shapes or angles other than 90 degrees. They are available in a variety of shape configurations to create unique, artistic designs.

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